Childfree Valentine Exchange: A Must or A Bust?

I remember the awkwardness of Valentine’s Day exchanges in elementary school when we set a decorated box on our desks and after rounds were made, counted the cards we received to assess popularity status.

Being childfree can sometimes leave us feeling like the unpopular kid in class with only a few Valentine cards to count. I wanted to help mitigate that feeling with a Valentine Exchange specifically designed to connect those within the childfree community.

Click here for details about the Childfree Valentine’s Exchange

My hope in initiating a Childfree Valentine Exchange was to help childfree individuals make real, heartfelt connections; forever friendships with other childfree people.

I wanted those who participated to feel encouraged and supported … like their decorated box was overflowing with cards!

A total of 84 people took a chance and signed up for the Exchange! I asked them afterward, “Was the Exchange A Must or A Bust?” and here’s what they said:

Must or Bust 4 (2)

Although the Exchange ended up being “a bust” for some who didn’t receive their promised email, overall, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. I am saddened by those who volunteered to participate and then opted out without notice. But, my heart is happy knowing of those who did exchange emails and who are developing new CF friendships!

If you missed the Valentine Exchange or found it to be “a bust” … try connecting to others in the Respectfully Childfree community via social media! We’re on Instagram @respectfullychildfree and on Facebook with a Closed Group named: Respectfully Childfree.

Whether “a must” or “a bust,” childfree Valentine’s Days always have an upside: not having to share candies or chocolate with any kiddos!

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