One Of The Biggest Childfree Struggles + Valentine Exchange

After attending a childfree party at my home, one of my friends told me, “I’m so blessed to have a tribe that I can call my own … my childfree friends!”

I feel exactly the same way! And if you don’t feel that way – if you don’t have a tribe to call your own – I want to help.

Of course, connecting with a childfree community in person is ideal. For tips on doing so and to read the story of how my husband and I met our local childfree tribe, check out my post titled The Childfree Are Hidden In Plain Sight.

But I can help you make a virtual connection today!

One Of The Biggest Struggles

Respectfully Childfree is active on Instgram and Facebook. We’re building a great CF community with lots of engagement!

Connect with us by following @respectfullychildfree on Instagram and become part of the conversation by joining the Closed Facebook Group named: Respectfully Childfree.

Czarina follows Respectfully Childfree on social media. She says:

“I consciously feel different from the rest of the world! … I struggle sometimes in finding common ground with others, especially friends and family who are parents or who want to be parents.”

Respectfully Childfree has become a safe-haven for Czarina. A platform where she can really relate to others.

Another Respectfully Childfree follower, Invicta, shares that:

“Finding people to relate to is one of the biggest struggles of my life … actually it may be the biggest.”

Do you share these sentiments? If so, you’re personally invited to join me, Czarina, and Invicta in our encouraging and supportive on-line childfree tribe!

A Particular Kind Of Relief

While the percentage of people deciding not to parent is on the rise, choosing a childfree lifestyle is still not the norm. Stigma abounds. But not in the Respectfully Childfree community. This is a place where childfree IS the norm!

The way Ashley describes having childfree friends totally resonates with me! She says:

“Having childfree friends is a particular kind of relief, specifically knowing they’ll never pressure me about having kids. In my experience, CF friendships form more easily and the bonds become strong very quickly.”

Initiation Required

Luckily, we live in a time when close proximity isn’t a requirement of personal connection. Initiation, however, is a requirement.

Initiate – that’s what I’m asking you to do today!

The good news is: Respectfully Childfree has thousands of on-line followers! The challenge in that is making a personal connection may seem difficult and overwhelming. No problem… I’ll do it for you!

Valentine Exchange

The Respectfully Childfree Valentine Exchange is the perfect way to get virtually connected to another childfree person. A way to initiate.

  1. You sign up for the Valentine Exchange here by February 7
  2. I provide you with the name and e-mail of a childfree person who also signed up
  3. You e-mail that person a message on or before Valentine’s Day (February 14) … I’ll even give you ideas of things to include in your message once you sign up!
  4. Another childfree person is assigned your name and e-mails you a message
  5. I send you a Valentine, too ❤

You Have Nothing And So Much

We yearn to be in contact with people who understand us. For heartfelt connections. *Annie shared this with me:

“Even though we’re separated by a state, and lots of job responsibilities, I know I can reach out to my best childfree friend any time. We can even drop what we’re doing and meet halfway if the life problem needs face-to-face girl time!”

So, if you’re deciding whether or not to sign up…

You have nothing to lose and so much to potentially gain.

Maybe you’ll exchange Valentine messages once and that’s it. But perhaps you’ll make a real, heartfelt connection. A forever friendship with another childfree person. Someone who will encourage and support you. The real you – no stigma – just friendship.

Valentine copy (2)


*name changed by request

3 thoughts on “One Of The Biggest Childfree Struggles + Valentine Exchange

  1. Wow, I was just casually reading this post and was surprised to see you quoted me! I’m really flattered! A Valentine’s exchange is a really cool idea. Love your blog and all the effort you’re pouring into creating a childfree community. Keep up the wonderful work!

    Liked by 1 person

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